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Are you looking for the best construction company in Detroit? DJ Maltese Corporation is the right call. As a construction manager and general contractor, we've earned the reputation for being client-focused, with a track history of minimizing costs, being on schedule, and even reaching early construction milestones. For this reason, our company has developed a deep understanding of construction and engineering in a variety of industries.


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A typical construction project starts with a property owner or manager hiring a professional architect and engineer to work together during the planning phase. Then, the architect and engineer present a series of designs that are then passed on to the general contractors to start the construction process. This approach, however, may result in significant delays and dissatisfaction.  

All phases of the construction project are organized by a single point of communication with Design-Build services. This gives the contractor greater control of the project's fluidity and scheduling, resulting in a more efficient process and better use of the budget. 

We have basically worked on all aspects of buildings and facilities design and construction. Residential properties, commercial buildings, industrial properties, and healthcare centers are part of the construction projects we've successfully finished. Furthermore, we've also completed new constructions, home additions, adaptive reuses, remodels, upscale residences, and manufacturing facilities, as well as building restoration projects. 

Our specialists are industry veterans with a thorough understanding of technical, business, and legal matters and extensive experience providing construction consulting. 

A turnkey project is designed to be sold as a finished product. Simply put, it's a construction service that includes all stages of construction under one contract, which makes life even easier for the potential project's owner. When we talk of a turnkey construction solution, we mean that you'll get all of the things you'll need to build the structure from a single source. We're in charge of all design and construction work in this type of project. All you have to do is wait for the project's completion, and then we'll "turn the key" to you.