American Institute of Constructors, Constructor Certification Commission

June 11, 1999 – Area Constructor Receives First of National Certified Professional Constructor Designations

Rolland L. Stapleton of Northville, Michigan, received the professional designation of Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) in June. He is one of over 700 practitioners throughout the United States to be certified in a program developed by national construction trade and professional associations under the auspices of the American Institute of Constructors.

Similar to the Professional Engineer registration process, Constructor Certification is a rigorous two-step qualification process based on experience, education and written examination. The first examinations were offered in the Fall of 1996 at approximately 60 universities nationwide. Recertification will be required periodically through a process of Continuing Professional Development as well as adherence to a Constructor Code of Conduct.

The voluntary Certification program was developed in response to evolvement of the management of construction as a profession during the twentieth century. As the construction industry volume continues to grow into the next century, it will require more and better prepared Professional Constructors to overcome the challenges. One of those challenges is to set high standards of practice and to improve the image of the current and future Constructor. Over the next 3 years it is expected that several thousand graduates from accredited university degree programs in construction will seek the initial Associate Constructor (AC) designation along with many additional experienced Constructors qualifying for the full Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) title.

Asked about the new designation, Stapleton states that “with the increased complexity of the construction process the management function has assumed a more critical role in the construction project. This has necessitated the requirement for significant improvement in the qualifications of the industry’s personnel, creating the function of a professional constructor separate to the professions of architecture and engineering. The Certified Professional Constructor program provides recognition to this new role together with a standard of qualification by which third parties can assess the individual manager. In turn, this provides a meaningful professional achievement goal for young managers entering the industry, and should serve to attract the talent that construction requires.”

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