Date: Friday, May 25, 2001
From: Dominic J. Maltese, Jr., President and CEO
Re: News from Washington, D.C.

D.J. Maltese, Dearborn’s oldest construction firm, was selected as one of the nations BIG 50 best Remodelers by Remodeling Magazine. The event took place on Monday, May 21st in Washington, D.C. The award was presented to Dominic and Joe Maltese by Paul Deffenbaugh, Publisher of Remodeling. In attendance were remodeling companies from all over the United States. The event was also attended by Richard Thomas a Project Manager with D.J. Maltese In joining the BIG 50 for 2001, D.J. Maltese, joins 750 BIG 50 of the nation¹s best Remodelers over the past fifteen years of recognition of 172,000 remodeling firms and another 200,000 self-employed individuals in the $180 billion dollar industry.

D.J. Maltese is celebrating its 55th year in the construction industry this year. The Company founded in 1946 by Dominic J. Maltese, Sr. as a plastering contractor became one of Michigan¹s largest. In 1965 the company evolved into a general contracting firm. In the mid 1970’s Dominic and Joe joined the Company and started completing projects as Construction Managers. Today D.J. Maltese has a remodeling division, an upscale homes division and a commercial division that completes quality commercial buildings and light industrial projects.

Some of their more notable larger projects include the Whitney Restaurant, the Jain Temple and the restoration of Detroit¹s Orchestra Hall. Two of their most recent industrial projects include Kenwal Steel in Dearborn, Michigan and Lee Steel in Wyoming, Michigan. Both of them are “state of the art” steel processing center with beautiful corporate offices.