Press & Guide Newspapers, Thursday, April 1, 1999, Business Section

Business People

Dominic Maltese Jr., president of D.J. Maltese Construction Services, was named president of the Associated General Contractors of America, Greater Detroit Chapter, Inc. (AGCGD).

The AGCGD was founded in 1916 under the title of “General Builders Association of Detroit.” It set forth its seminal principles of “skill, integrity and responsibility” in all its business and construction operations that it still adheres to today.

AGCGD has been involved in all facets of the construction industry, encouraging urban development, improving contractors’ working conditions and economics and dedicating itself to the greater benefit of society at large.

Maltese, who represents the sixth generation of builders in his family, and whose own Dearborn-based company recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, voted to continue AGCGD’s mission of excellence.