Chairman’s Message

Over the past seventy years we have watched the construction industry change considerably.  This is even truer over the past ten years.  The largest change over the past ten years are three areas of concern.  First is the advancement of technology.  With this advancement the arena of personal contact and communications is being replaced with emails and texting.  So, people want instant answers and expect to have responses to their texts within minutes. 

The second is a material crisis.  Manufacturers and Suppliers use to carry a good supply of materials required to complete projects.  Some products are still readily available like roof shingles, rough and trim lumber. These too are in limited supply.  But, other items, in fact most other items like windows, siding, hardware, etc. are manufactured by demand.  This can add several weeks or more to a schedule if not pre-ordered.

The third and most critical crisis is manpower.  After the last major recession many trades have moved out of the area, died or retired leaving a lot of smaller companies with a small crew and larger companies with less crews.  This translates into project delays and more costs.

Certain practices, like hand-drawn plans and contracts on a handshake, have become as extinct in our industry as a record player has in the music industry. At D.J. Maltese, we have continued to remain on the cutting edge of technology and best practices for construction while maintaining our commitment to quality craftsmanship on all of our projects. One of the privileges afforded to us as a construction services firm is the opportunity to respond to our clients’ visions and dreams and help bring them to fruition. The privilege has been granted to us in all sectors in the construction industry: industrial, commercial and residential. We have performed successfully on projects ranging from intricate restoration and adaptive reuse to simple additions and build-outs and on to very complex design/build projects. When our clients select our team as Construction Manager, they are selecting us for our quality craftsmanship and excellent service. The trades who work with us on our projects are quality-driven in their means of completing their work and remain a key part of our success. In this web site, you will become familiar with some of the projects we are most proud of – those that have made our clients’ dreams and visions come alive.

Dominic J. Maltese, Jr., ASPE, CPE
DJ Maltese Construction Corporation


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